Frontier Defense Services Inc espouses a "non-confrontational, non-traditional approach for its security officers. This approach is now being taught by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and currently implemented at our sites where public interaction is extensive.

With today's ever changing security role it is critically important for officers to provide non-traditional services as well as full traditional security roles. Frontier Defense Services Inc. proposes to maximize Dress/Appearance/ Bearing to convey professionalism and competency to the public.


Frontier Defense Services, Inc. places great emphasis on proper dress, appearance and bearing. Security Officers who present a clean, crisp image and carry themselves with pride and military bearing convey a positive, professional image to the public and are highly visible. We also believe it to be an outstanding deterrent for criminal activity. Therefore, each security officer is provided with an individually tailored uniform and has agreed to abide by all company policies regarding personal grooming standards and presentation.