Associate contractors form the nucleus of our CID. Because of the vast number of topical and functional areas in the security industry, the CID was structured to employ the use of associate security professionals. In this way, we are able to provide the most current and highest level of expertise available in the industry and can select the security professionals best suited for each specific assignment.

Our associates are acknowledged experts, who come from diverse backgrounds and are highly respected in their field. They include experienced private sector security managers and professionals, with extensive experience in federal, state, and local law enforcement, military and government agencies. Their experience includes a broad range of consulting and investigative work for commercial, industrial, and retail industries, as well as banking and financial institutions, the entertainment industry and various service industries.

They have worked with leading corporations and government agencies. Our team is experienced in development of policy, emergency preparedness, response procedures and access control systems. They have conducted physical security surveys in large government controlled, privately-operated plants, as well as small and medium sized corporations. They have examined, tested, and evaluated human and electronic protection systems that secure some of the most sensitive manufacturing installations in the free world.

We apply "Business solutions to Business problems" and handle sensitive, confidential information with the professionalism gained only from years of experience.