Since every client has specific needs our trading includes in on site special training, to meet the specific need of the client. 

 Yes. We sell, install and provide support for CCTV systems for residential and commercial properties. We have a fully experienced department that is qualified to provide any assistance for electronic surveillance equipment installation and support. They can meet you in your property and discuss with you all requirement according to your needs. Call us today (714)356-8674 for a no-obligation security consultation.

We will take you step by step to help you connect your IP cameras and configure your system to suit your specific security applications.

We do not install alarm systems.

Frontier Defense Services is a national company and as such we provide security services nationwide.

No. We do not install alarm systems.

Frontier Defense Services closely maintains a certain level of discretion in regards to revealing who our clients are. However, we will update our website soon and you can see some of our client’s logos displayed on our home page.

Yes we can. Just be prepared as our staff will ask a few questions regarding the booking.

Examples of some of the question you may be asked:

How many people are you expecting?
What will the average age of the attendees be?
Will there be adult/parental supervision? (appropriate for where minors will be attending)
Will there be alcohol available?
Location Type? (Private residence or a hall, function church, centre, rural property etc…)
Will there be a guest list available to our Security Staff?
Date, location, start-time and finish-time?

No, we are not able to.

Once these applications are reviewed, pertinent applicants are then invited to take part in a first round of interviews. A review process then takes place with Operation Managers assessing the suitability of each of the first round candidates. A final interview round is organized with candidates from the first round who best meet the criteria for the available position(s). Prior to the commencement of the final interview round, reference checks are performed, Security Licenses are verified, and when management is satisfied with the candidate(s) supplied documentation, the final interviews take place where position(s) may be awarded. Please Note: Frontier Defense Services is an equal opportunity employer

To find current openings you can follow this link. Find us on Facebook @frontierdefenseservices