About Our Company

Frontier Defense Services, Inc. was founded in 2011. The Company was formed in order to provide quality security officers to Southern California companies and individuals. We have achieved an enviable distinction for excellence in the security industry because security is our only business. We are not part of a larger organization, but a locally owned and operated company in Southern California.

Frontier Defense Services Inc. is more than a traditional guard service company. Recognizing the demand to meet the increased scope of client-based security needs, we have a Consulting and Investigating Division (CID) that can advise clients as to their security needs and can oversee the acquisition of the latest state of the art security equipment available today.

Access to personnel with diverse expertise, professionals who have the background, education, and experience to provide a superior level of expert services in a timely and cost efficient manner. Frontier Defense Services Inc., met that requirement

Expertise to perform a wide range of services to meet all of a company's security related business needs. Whether in legal matters or in areas affecting human, financial and physical resources, our objective is to protect assets and reduce exposure to loss.